Consumer safety and protection issues are given increasing priority nowadays. The belief that employees involved in food production at all stages of the supply chain work according to the strictest standards has become a prerequisite for the successful development of the food industry. The British Retail Confederation (BRC) is the leading internationally recognized trade organization that has developed and endorsed the BRCGS set of standard requirements as part of an international product safety and quality certification programme.

Why certify to the BRCGS global standard for safe food?

The BRCGS standard is recognized by food manufacturers worldwide. Certification according to this standard confirms your company's compliance with the following quality systems: HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System), good manufacturing practice, good hygiene practice, good laboratory practice. It also helps food retailers, manufacturers and brand owners to meet their legal obligations.

What is the BRCGS Global Standard for Safe Food?

The BRCGS standard is recognized by the International Group for Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and applies to companies that participate in the circulation of food products on the world market, regardless of the country of origin of the product. GFSI is a benchmarking and validation scheme that sets the framework for the global food industry for food safety management systems and product certification.


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